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August 1, 2011


29 (who?)
Add +1 for every "yes," for each question and subquestion, unless instructed otherwise.


Does your character have a Japanese name?
Even though she is not Japanese?
Is it a name you came up with?

Is the character named after you?
Is it your pen name?
Is it a name you wish you had?
Is it your nickname?

Is the name unusual in any way? (i.e. apostrophes, dashes, etc.)

Is it a word that would not usually be used as a name? (Ignore, if homunculus.) I.e, Sorrow, Chastity, etc.
Does this word have anything to do with a special weapon, item, or form of alchemy?

Is it an exceptionally long name? (I.e, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way)

Is it unusual for your character's nationality?


Is your character considered beautiful?
By you?
By a certain someone in the series?
By everyone in the series?

Do characters in the series tell her how beautiful they are?

If the character is female, does she have long hair? (As in, past the upper back.)
Does it not disable her in battle?
Does it never get tangled?
Which you describe with many poetic adjectives? (I.e, her long, golden locks blew in the autumn breeze like straw weaved from a royal's fingers.)

Is the character not human?
Is she a hybrid of anything? (+2)
Of a kitsune?
Of a vampire?
Of a neko?
Of a homunculus?

Is the character the age you want to be?

Is the character immortal?

Has the character faced death and survived?
More than once?

Does your character have an abnormal hair color, even though dye did not exist at the time in which Fullmetal Alchemist takes place? (Pink, blue, green, purple, anything that's not a real, natural color.)
Does your character have abnormal colored streaks in their hair, even though dye did not exist at the time in which Fullmetal Alchemist takes place?

Do their clothes show off a lot of skin?

Does your character regularly wear,
Mini skirts?
Skin tight shirts?
Belly shirts?
The color black?
Something you wish you could get away with wearing out in public?

Is your character's appearance based on labels and categorization such as Emo, Goth or Punk? (+10)

Does your character regularly shop at Hot Topic, even though this establishment did not exist back then?

Does no one take note of your character's strange attire?

Do you describe your character in such a way that
They look just like [insert canon character here] except...
They look just like [insert celebrity here] except...


Is the character a long lost child of a canon character?
Two canon characters you paired together?

Is your character closely related to any of the canon characters? [I.e, Ed and Al's sister, Roy Mustang's brother, Scar's twin... etc.] (+2)
Have they witnessed the same events of these canon characters as displayed in the series?
Have they been abroad until the point in which you're inserting your character?

Was your character abandoned / adopted?
Off the streets?
By a canon character?

Is your character a skilled alchemist?
Does this skill lead them to be cast out or called a freak / loser?

Is your character
The last survivor of a clan / race?
A victim of child abuse?
A victim of rape?
An illegitimate child?

Does your character grieve about their past?
Do they feel guilt?
Do they have no reason to feel guilt?
Do canon characters convince them of this?

Were their parents / guardians killed?
By Scar?
By the State?

Does the character share your religious beliefs?

Is the character Pagan / Wiccan? (+3)
While you aren't?
Do they cast spells instead of use alchemy?
Do they do both?

Does the character have an exceptionally good singing voice?
Do they play a musical instrument well?
Are they in a band?
Is this band famous?

Do you and your character share hobbies / interests that mirror each other?

Is the character a person from our world that passed through the gate?
Because their alternate self had no other choice?
Because they had knowledge of the other side?
Did they do this without alchemy?
With a natural use of alchemy?
Is this person from the modern day / age? (+5)
Is this person YOU?

Do Edward and Alphonse accept your character in their travels?
Within the same chapter they meet?
With Edward's approval from the start?

Does everyone end up liking your character for their
Bubbly attitude?

Is your character accomplished for their age? (i.e. A seven year old that knows alchemy, a thirteen year old that works for the state...)

Does your character's past in any way resemble a canon character's?
Edward and Al's?
Roy Mustang's?


Does your character come with a "natural," talent?

Is your character's medium elemental? (i.e., The Flame Alchemist, The Water Alchemist, The Earth Alchemist, The Air Alchemist)

Can your character create things from mid air?
Without sacrificing anything?

Is your character's weapon an extension of their body? (i.e., Edward's arm becomes a weapon when he uses alchemy to create a blade on his wrist.)
Created by alchemy?

Is your character considered "the best," at their alchemy?
Does your character have more than one medium?

Were they trained by a canon character?
By the military?

Does your character use a traditional weapon in this setting, where it doesn't belong?
A katana?

Does your character keep a special, sentimental trinket?
Is it a family heirloom?
Is it a gift from a long lost / dead lover?
Does this trinket protect them from death? (I.e, a locket deflecting a bullet to the chest.)
Is this trinket a weapon?

Does your character have powers that do not relate to alchemy?
Can they fly?
Do they have wings?
Mind reading?
Healing powers?
Are these powers used in battle?

Is your character not an alchemist at all?
Are they still powerful?

Can your character use alchemy without use of a circle? (+4)
Even though they haven't seen the gate?


Does your character enter a relationship with any canon characters?

Does your favorite character fall in love with your character?

Is Edward in love with your character?
With no regards to Winry?
With no regards to Rose?
Does your character call him Ed, Eddie, or any kind of special pet name?

Does your character get away with calling Edward short?
On a regular basis?

Is Roy Mustang in love with your character?
Is your character in the military?
Do they work under him?
Do they spend more time with him on hours than Riza?

Is Hughes in love with your character? (+5)
With no regards to his wife and daughter?

Is Envy in love with your character?
Even though homunculi do not recognize this emotion easily?
Even though your character is a human?
Does your character, "Teach him to love?"
Is he abusive?

Are any characters fighting over your character's love?
Does it end in an orgy / gang bang?

Does your character end up having sex with (+10 if they're raped)
All of the above?

Do any of them confess their love to your character first?

Does your character lose their virginity to a canon character?
Is it sweet and painless sex?

Does your character end up married to a canon character?
Do they have children?
Who are amazing alchemists?
Who are half human, half homunculus?


Would you be friends with your character?

Do you think everyone who reads your character has a right to like them?

Do you deny when your character is called a Mary Sue?
Do you try to prove that your character is not a Mary Sue by pointing out things in the text?

Do you take it as a personal attack when someone says they don't like your character?


If the story is told from your character's point of view, do they
Use long descriptions of themselves or what they're wearing? (Longer than maybe two sentences is too much)
About their weapons?
About their hair?
Does this go on for more than a paragraph?

Is the character held captive by any villains?
Do they befriend the villains at this point?
Is this character Envy?

Does your character still manage to look clean and cutless when,
In heated battle?
In captivity?
Being tortured?

Does your character sacrifice their lives at any point?
For the greater good?
To save a canon character?
To save their love interest?
To save your favorite character?

Does your character have violent or suicidal tendancies?
Do these rub off on canon characters?
Do canon characters disregard or pity them?

Is your character ever nursed back to health by a canon character?
By Edward?
By Envy?
By Roy?
By Scar?

Does anyone severely mourn the death of your character?
Does your character
Call Winry a bitch?
To her face?
Get called a bitch by Winry?
Without Edward or Al caring?


Is 40+ years old
And looks like it

Is honestly overweight
And stays that way

Is honestly out of shape
And stays that way

Has ever been an honest coward
Because they didn't want to get in trouble

Has a real disability


0-15 Points – Not a Sue. Excellent job. Anyone who calls your character a Sue at this point is a wanker, and you can quote me on that.

16-21 Points – Probably not a Sue, although I'd be very careful at this point if I were you.

22-29 Points – Definitely some Sue tendencies. You might wanna give yourself a good check before it's too late.

30+ Points – You are ridiculous. Go back to the drawing board, and restart, right now.
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SoraAkimi Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
9 Yay!
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Gotta a 9!!! Yeah baby :3 
Mordmil Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Yes, twelve! I'm in the clear!
Mordmil Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
Yes, twelve! I'm in the clear!
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Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
I was using this to help make my OC but then looked at what I wanted her to do and one part was against alchemy and I was like "Well tat breaks laws of alchemy……… Oh well it's an OC I can do what ever I want!" :3
Dreamcatcherfeather Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
After reading through the hole thing I got angry. So what if the OC is strong or pretty I don't see why it matters it is that persons OC are some parts rediculess and need to be changed yes but saying their character can't be strong skilled beautiful or talanted with a unique name is rediculess and saying they can't be related or friends with the characters or they can't have a sad past is stupid. So what if some ones OC is a Mary-sue it is there OC and no one elses, sure not much of this was against the OC I wanted and some of them really shouldn't be included in a OC but a lot is just dumb. I'm sorry if my rant is mean or upsets any one but that is my opinion and I was going to feel horrible until it is heard.
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